Individual Holistic Psychotherapy


"A genuine odyssey is not about piling up experiences. It is a deeply felt, risky, unpredictable tour of the soul."


-Thomas Moore


Psychotherapy comes from the word Psyche and Therapeia, which translates to Soul Healing or Care and Service of the Soul. In holistic psychotherapy, healing is done through the integration of the mind, body and spirit.  


The value of therapy is in the therapeutic relationship that is created to facilitate your healing.  Over time, the care and service you experience with the therapist begins to show up in you as you learn to become your own healer. 


Consider this:


   "The self is made up of non-self elements"  -Thich Naht Hanh




“Every part of our personality that we do not love will become hostile to us.”  -Robert Bly




These are two important ideas in holistic therapy.  We are affected by the many things that make up who we are. We are part of this world - interconnected. At the same time, if we don't truly love ourselves - every part, including our shadow side, we will remain stuck and suffering.  


The holistic therapy approach allows us to take a deeper and wider view of ourselves in our environment so that we can start to achieve what we need in our lives.  Some of the tangible results include improved physical and mental health, reduced stress, improved self expression, improved regulation of emotions, thoughts, and experiences, greater internal peace, identifying relational patterns (red flags / green flags), healthier relationships, improved self esteem and identity, reprocessing of trauma and to ultimately heal what stands in the way of you being your best self.  


Working one on one provides a unique opportunity to deepen awareness of the factors that contribute to dis-ease and suffering, learn to enhance our innate capability and desire towards growth, wholeness and consciousness, and ultimately find or restore balance in our lives. 


Therapy takes time. Therapy can also be a priceless and life changing experience if you stick with it.  Often, it does not seem valuable in and of itself, at least until things are so bad that it's the only card left. That is the thinking that leads to often increased and needless additional suffering.  An ancient greek philosopher named Aeschylus said that "Wisdom comes from suffering".  While that is true, it's also important to know when help is needed to suffer less.  While learning to become balanced, whole, and complete takes time and has it's ups and downs, the best time to start this journey was yesterday, and the second best is today.  



"The Greek idea of fate is moira, which means "portion." Fate rules a portion of your life. But there is more to life than just fate. There is also genetics, environment, economics, and so on. So it's not all written in the book before you get here, such that you don't have to do anything. That's fatalism."


 -James Hillman



Therapy for What You Need

Reduce Anxiety and Suffering

Reduce your anxiety and depression with therapy that helps you to identify and understand your anxiety and depression at the root, set boundaries, develop the coping tools that work, increase self compassion and integrate what you need on a deeper level.

Learn About Yourself

Explore values, meaning, purpose and the bigger picture. Understanding who you are on a deeper level can add priceless value to your life by helping you to figure out what you value, how to deprogram unhelpful beliefs, habits and feelings, and become who you've always wanted to be.

Have Better Relationships

Healing is best done in relationship. Whether done in group or individual therapy, one of the best results of therapy is increased capacity to be in relationship. Group can be a powerful way to supplement individual therapy, and sometimes even replace it.  We are made to be connected. 

Individual Therapy

"To be seen is to heal, and to understand who we are is to grow in relationship."


-David Eshleman

Much of the suffering that we experience in life -whether from emotoins, thoughts, or actions - comes from a tension of opposites, the dance between creation and destruction, spirit and matter, Yin and Yang.  To understand this duality is only part of the solution.


I focus on helping you to be seen, to understand who you are, and to dream of who you could become.  As a guide on the journey with you, my aim is to provide you the tools, time, and space to grow and experience yourself in this world.  Often, when we begin the journey of self understanding, we start to get closer to our feelings, take ownership of them, and discover that there is valuable information within them about what we need and how we might imagine living.  We start to recongize this, even when difficult experiencs we'd rather continue to forget come up, for this is how we grow.  Our feelings allow for sadness and joy. Anger and fear.  Shame and compassion. And everywhere in between.  As we learn to heal our relationship with ourselves, this world, and each other, we begin to be truly seen, deeply connected, and extraordinarily whole.  Usually, the original problems that we came into therapy with will be gone, changed, or no longer seen in the same light.  


This journey can help you to reduce anxiety, heal and grow in relatoinship with yourself and others, explore meanings and values, and to "Find Balance" in life.


Most sessions are self-directed, with me taking an active listener, non-judgmental and reflective approach. I value psychoeducation - understanding how we work is extremely helpful in healing.  I am here to help you set and meet the goals you deem worthy of pursuit, while helping you to explore and process the content you bring.

All therapy is informed by who the therapist and who the client is on some level.  Just like every relationship is unique, inspired by nature, nurture, and soul. 



I only use therapeutic approaches/tools that I believe in and have had personal experience finding helpful.  In addition, I am very passionate about exploring effective healing traditions and continue to grow my knowledge base and maintain an open mind to new and old ideas.  Some of my favorites are:


Psychodynamic, Archetypal and Depth Psychology

Attachment Based and Object Relations

Person Centered, Humanistic and Existential

Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused

Individual Emotion Focused Therapy and parts work

Mindfulness & Strength Based

East & West Philosophy & Spirituality

Song and Poetry


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