David Eshleman, MA, LMFT
David Eshleman, MA, LMFT 


"The Self is made up of non-self elements"


                                   -Thich Naht Hanh




Welcome!  "I want real change, I want to be happy".  This is why you are here.  You woke up one moring realizing that things just can't keep going on the way they have been.  Maybe you've been waking up in the night, with the same feelings and thoughts, again and again.  Maybe it's a relationship with a loved one, perhaps yourself, your environment - you keep making bad decisions, you keep feeling stuck. You feel that something needs to move, to get out of the way and unblock you, letting in life: the abundant flow of free energy you know is around you.  You miss that feeling, and you want it back.  



I want to help

I provide counseling services for children, teens, adults, couples and groups. I specialize in helping you to reduce anxiety, rediscover purpose and meaning, heal relationship, build confidence, and to Find Balance in life - to experience more of those sunset, happy moments of deep connection and feeling alive.


It can start with an email.  We can set up a free 20 minute phone consultation where I can get to know a little bit about your unique situation, ask some questions, and answer any questions you may have.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you!


David C. Eshleman, M.A. LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 


Finding Balance


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