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David Eshleman, LMFT 



Works & Teachers that have inspired me…


Iron John by Robert Bly

A book about what it means to be a man

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Learning to live in the present


 Creatures of a Day, Love’s Executioner, The Gift of Therapy by Dr. Irving Yalom

Great books about psychotherapy


 The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung

A series of essays about our lives and society from the great Carl Jung


The Passionate Marriage by David Snarch

A sex therapist's take on how to improve your relationship or marriage


 On Being A Person by Carl Rogers

One of the great humanistic therapists


Psychotherapy East and West by Alan Watts

The great scholar of eastern and western philosophy


Life's Missing Instruction Manual by Joe Vitale

Great insight on a variety of topics related to life


True Strength by Kevin Sorbo

Wonderful personal story of overcoming illness and learning to be himself without having to be "perfect"


The Persistance of Yellow by Monique Duval

Motivational collection of poems or "recipes for life"

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